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Accessories for pot and pan washing

Customize your Granule Solo® machine by adding one or more smart accessories


GD 102 Standard wash basket

Allows 6 x GN 1/1 65 mm or 12 x small GN directly loaded into the basket, no extra accessory needed.




Exact right density and size for best removal rate, tested and verified with GRANULDISK® machines.

PowerGranules® lasts up to 3 500 wash cycles, depending on most frequently run programme and type of washware.

Comes in 10 and 20 liter buckets.

8 litres included


GD 750 Potholder with integrated ladle/whisk holder

Fits in the standard wash basket. Allows:

  • 5 x pots/bowls/similar utensils
  • the centered net basket holds ladles, whisks etc



GD 150 Multipurpose insert

Fits in the standard wash basket.
For washing;

  • 2 x GN 2/1
  • 8 x GN lids
  • 6 x baking trays
  • chopping boards, grids etc



GD 104 Pot basket

Holds up to 2 large pots. Placed in machine instead of GD 102 Standard wash basket.



GD 152 Multiflex holder

Fits in the standard wash basket. Allows:

  • Accessory for 3-5 saucepans, small bowls, sieves etc.





GD 646 Accessory storage

Accessory holder for storage of inserts and accessories when not in use. Hang on side of machine and fill with accessories.

(picture shows example of use and is not to be considered as an instruction or recommendation)



GD 110 Hose

Hose for easier daily cleaning.
N.B. Not available for the UK market.


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