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Eco friendly dishwashers

Granule Optimised Washing Technology™ is a Swedish innovation

Stop wasting nature's resources

Instead of countless litres of hot water, hazardous chemicals and detergent, a Granule Optimised potwasher uses Granules (plastic pellets) mixed with water and a small amount of detergent to mechanically scrub pots and pans clean.

Even burnt-in food and stubborn residues are blasted off in minutes, wasting far less water, detergent and energy than conventional potwashing machines and manual potwashing in sinks.


Washing with Granules means:

  • substantial reduction in water and detergent, as need for pre-washing is eliminated 
  • significant reduction in detergent used inside the machine
  • less water needed thanks to higher pressure, which optimises removal rate
  • less water means less power needed for heating 

 Less impact on the environment !

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