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From Dirty to Clean in 3 minutes

No pre-washing needed - wash up to 120 GN 1/1 per hour

No pre-washing

No pre-washing

Granule Optimised potwashing eliminates the need for pre-washing.

Just scrape and wash

Just scrape & wash

  1. Remove loose particles.
  2. Load machine.
  3. Choose wash programme.

No soaking, no scrubbing

No soaking, no scrubbing

Pots and pans are scoured clean using Granules, water and a tiny amount of detergent and returned to the kitchen in a matter of minutes.

Granules make the difference

Choose between high-powered water programmes for slightly soiled and sensitive washware and the more powerful Granule Optimised programmes using Granules to attack even the burnt in residues.

The Granules are reused in the machine, wash after wash.

From dirty to clean in 3 minutes

Done in 3 minutes

A final rinse cycle completes every programme, returning clean utensils with high hygiene standard to the kitchen.

Granule Optimised Washing Technology™ is a Swedish innovation that has revolutionised pot and pan washing worldwide. It's a superior choice, washing faster, cleaner and greener than both sink based potwashing solutions and conventional water based machines.


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