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Technical Specifications

Granule Solo® – the latest warewashing equipment from GRANULDISK

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366 kg (filled machine),
242 kg (empty machine)

Tank volume

108 litres

Granule amount

8 litres

Wash water temperature

55–65 °C

Rinse water temperature

85 °C

Wash programs w Granules

Short 3 min
Normal 5 min

Wash programs w/o Granules

Short 2 min
Normal 4 min

Rinse water volume

6 litres/programme (complies with DIN10512 Hygiene guide line)

Loading volume

220 litres (Ø 700 mm x H 570 mm)


Round rotating stainless steel basket


6 GN 1/1, 65 mm deep or 3 GN 1/1 200 mm and 3 GN 65 mm, or equivalent in other utensils
Possible to load pots up to size Ø 500x400 mm


400 V (standard), 3-phase, earth
415 V (option), 3–phase, earth


25 A, hot water connection (standard)
32 A, cold water connection (option)


50 Hz

Maximum power

11,7 kW
16,7 kW (cold water option)

Wash pump motor

2,2 kW

Rinse pump motor

0,11 kW

Wash tank element*

9 kW
14 kW (cold water option)

Rinse tank element*

9 kW
14 kW (cold water option)

Encapsulation class


Sound pressure level ISO 11203

< 73 dB(A)

Water connection

½” (DN15), 50-65 °C hot water (cold water option 3-10 °dH)
NB! Reverse osmosis water and totally softened water must not be used.

Water pressure/flow

1-6 bar, 15 litres per min

Recommended ventilation capacity

500 m³/h

Out flow

Pipe Ø 32 mm


Required capacity 50 l/min. The machine should not be placed directly above the drain.

 * Not in use simultaneously
** For specific data regarding delivered machines, please see machine rating plate

The Granule Solo® is supplied with a 2 metres long electric cable to be connected to an approved supply disconnecting device on the wall. The supply disconnecting device is not included in the delivery.

Tecnhical Specification and Installation Drawing

Download complete technical specifications and 2D Installation Drawing (.dwg) here.

 TitleModified DateSize 
Drawing 2D RU/LT/HU/CZ/PL22/10/2012270.71 KBDownload
Drawing 2D EN/IT/ES/EL22/10/2012269.28 KBDownload
 TitleModified DateSize 
Tech Spec PT18/10/201217.40 KBDownload
Tech Spec PL18/10/201273.13 KBDownload
Tech Spec IT18/10/201217.29 KBDownload
Tech Spec SPA18/10/20129.22 KBDownload
Tech Spec SL18/10/201289.37 KBDownload
Tech Spec RU18/10/201292.50 KBDownload
Tech Spec EL18/10/201292.40 KBDownload
Tech Spec DE18/10/201216.73 KBDownload
Tech Spec CZ18/10/201265.83 KBDownload
Tech Spec HU18/10/201281.55 KBDownload
Tech Spec HR18/10/201281.43 KBDownload
Tech Spec EN18/10/201216.76 KBDownload


Product brochures

Download the 4-page product brochure pdf here. Choose from all available languages in the list below.
(more languages coming soon)

 TitleModified DateSize 
Granule Solo PT11/09/20135.65 MBDownload
Granule Solo PL11/09/20131.50 MBDownload
Granule Solo LT11/09/20131.47 MBDownload
Granule Solo UK11/09/20131.39 MBDownload
Granule Solo SPA11/09/20131.39 MBDownload
Granule Solo RU11/09/20131.53 MBDownload
Granule Solo IT11/09/20131.39 MBDownload
Granule Solo EL11/09/20131.53 MBDownload
Granule Solo DE11/09/20131.39 MBDownload
Granule Solo CZ11/09/20131.51 MBDownload
Granule Solo HU11/09/20131.53 MBDownload
Granule Solo HR11/09/20131.49 MBDownload
Granule Solo EN11/09/20131.39 MBDownload


 TitleModified DateSize 
PowerGranules data sheet PL25/11/2016262.63 KBDownload
PowerGranules data sheet IT25/11/2016224.01 KBDownload
PowerGranules data sheet RU11/09/2013782.14 KBDownload
PowerGranules data sheet SPA25/11/2016655.04 KBDownload
PowerGranules data sheet RU25/11/2016782.14 KBDownload
PowerGranules data sheet HR25/11/2016224.79 KBDownload
PowerGranules data sheet DE25/11/2016226.44 KBDownload
PowerGranules data sheet CZ25/11/2016261.46 KBDownload
PowerGranules data sheet DU25/11/2016224.77 KBDownload
PowerGranules data sheet EN25/11/2016224.12 KBDownload
PowerGranules data sheet EL25/11/2016281.78 KBDownload
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