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Professional kitchens world wide use GRANULDISK® restaurant dishwashing equipment every day

GRANULDISK - warewashing innovators since 1987

More than...

1000 Hotels/Restaurants/Catering companies
  500 Staff Canteens
1800 Schools/Universities
1000 Hospitals/Health Care facilities

... use GRANULDISK® restaurant dishwashing equipment every day


“GRANULDISK® has proved to be invaluable. It’s not only labour and chemical saving, it creates a lovely working environment without a greasy pot it sight!"

Head Chef, Restaurant in London


"We have gone from the bath to the shower. Reduction in water is phenomenal."

Back of House Manager, Hotel in Birmingham


"The system has revolutionised pot and pan washing for us. Pots and pans are much cleaner than they were with handwashing,as the system totally removes the build up of carbons. In turn this extends the life span of our utensils and saves money."

Catering Manager, Hospital in Liverpool


"The GRANULDISK® potwasher was a great choice. We all agree it's our best investment next to our oven and the blast chiller. When our working day comes to an end, all pots and pans are already dealth with. We can lock up and go home."

Head Chef, Restaurant in Stockholm


"This is the only way for me to have clean pots and pans in a short time period, the staff have a very good environment to work in, and the humid and hot areas we once encountered are now history.”

Carnatic House Manager, Food and Beverage, University in Liverpool

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